Christ Lutheran Committees
Church Property Committee
Ensure that regular care and maintenance is provided for
church buildings and grounds.
Education Committee
Maintain and develop educational opportunities for
youth and adults to help incorporate their faith in life.
Evangelism Committee and Social Ministry Committee

Write letters and make brochures; visit visitors and inactive members;
encourage witness for Christ. Involves this congregation in the
Lancaster Association of Churches (LAC);
care of shut-in’s; involvement in community concerns.
Long Range Planning Committee
Consider the ministry and long range mission
plans and goals for the congregation.
Stewardship & Finance Committee
Oversees: church treasury; teaching good stewardship;
development of annual budget; memorial fund.
Worship & Music Committee
Oversees: altar care; finding ushers and worship helpers;
planning worship services and music.
Youth Committee
Develops and maintains a youth ministry program that will help
our young people to incorporate their faith in life.